Black Box Theaters

Black Box Theaters
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Black Box Theaters

About the Black Box Theaters

The black box theaters are flexible spaces for theater productions, private parties, and more. Below, you’ll find more information about our 3 black box theaters:

  • Raisbeck Performance Hall
  • Raisbeck Auditorium, Ivey Tower
  • Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff Studio Theater
Raisbeck Performance Hall

Raisbeck Performance Hall

A true Seattle landmark, this venue is perfect for private parties, wedding receptions, and intimate productions for up to 150 guests. 

Availability is based on Cornish’s educational requirements and current contracts.

Built by the Sons & Daughters of Norway (1915) with carved ornamentation. The space has been used for theater and dance productions as well as special events such as the Seattle International Dance Festival and Black Box Festival, as well as for Twin Peaks. 

Raisbeck Hall inside with stage lit and control panel visible

Raisbeck Auditorium, Ivey Tower

177-seat auditorium equipped with a true multi-purpose use Constellation sound system from Meyer Sound; a digital cinema projector; and a built-in streaming capacity that will allow live performances to be viewed globally. Adjacent to the auditorium is a street-level art gallery.

Constellation provides a digital approach to controlling reverberation time, early reflections, as well as sonic clarity, warmth, and resonance of space, integrated high-quality loudspeakers, microphones, digital processing. Meyer Sound customizes each system to serve the unique needs of a venue.

The Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff Studio Theater

The Marleen and Kenny Alhadeff Studio Theater

This climate-controlled studio space is located at the Cornish Playhouse in the Seattle Center. It is suitable for auditions, rehearsals, readings, intimate performances, and private parties. Equipped with a piano, lights, and sound system.