Future Arts Partnership

three renderings of dancers' movement in motion capture. 3 groups of twisted spaghetti like strands
Future Arts & Cornish+ Present


Mixed Reality Public Mural Installation
Mural on Ivey at Boren
Sept 15 - Oct 26

Cornish+ Partnership

To celebrate the launch of Cornish+, Cornish College of the Arts engaged Future Arts to catalyze arts and technology cross-industry collaborations within the South Lake Union Neighborhood.

Photo (Right): Cornish students discuss interdisciplinary work with Future Arts Team and Cornish Visual Arts Faculty Kevin Goodrich.
Photo Credit: Winnie Westergard
Photo (Above): Rendering of motion capture sequences of three dancers.

Cornish students discussing student work with Future Arts and Cornish Faculty Kevin Goodrich
Public Art Mural Installation

When: September 15 - October 26
Where: Mural on Ivey Building at Boren Ave

Documentary & Public Tour Times:
Raisbeck Auditorium

Sunday, Sept. 24, 2 PM 
Tuesday, Oct. 17, 12 PM

Over the past year, Future Arts has collaborated with Cornish’s students, faculty and the international digital arts community to create a mixed reality (XR) installation: CUT, CRUSH, DECAY, for the Ivey on Boren mural, adjacent to the Behnke Family Gallery. Artists, students, and community members will experience how multiple technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), AI-driven motion capture, and mycelium can be used to scale and expand their own creativity through this public art mural which emphasizes the importance of cross-disciplinary, cross-sector collaborations in the arts to build a more vibrant and inclusive future for Seattle and beyond.

Photo: Cornish student in costume for motion capture session.
Photo credit: Winnie Westergard

About Future Arts

Future Arts’ mission is to cultivate cross-pollination between technology, nature, and the arts. Developing community-driven, immersive experiences that integrate emergent strategies rooted in biomimicry, builds a more equitable, inclusive society.

Photo: Future Arts co-founders Anna Czoski and Laara Garcia look at images during a motion capture session with Cornish students. 
Photo credit: Winnie Westergard

two women looking at digital camera