Solo Documentary Filmmaking Part 2

Solo Documentary Filmmaking Part 2

Jan 29 - Mar 19 (WED 6PM - 9PM) | Course Cost: $552.00

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Some supplies are included in this course. The instructor will reach out to registered students to discuss any personal equipment needs. 

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Part 2: Editing and Storytelling

In this second part of the solo documentary filmmaking course, students will explore the creative process of editing their footage into a cohesive and engaging documentary film. Through hands-on exercises and guided instruction, participants will learn the essentials of non-linear editing, including cutting techniques, audio mixing, color grading, and adding titles and graphics. With an emphasis on storytelling, students will discover how to craft a compelling narrative, build tension, and evoke emotions through their editing choices. By the end of Part 2, participants will have the skills and knowledge required to transform their raw footage into a polished documentary film, ready for sharing with the world.

Skills Learned:
- How to set up your editing environment and import footage
- Getting comfortable with the concepts of Non linear editing and story building
- How to quickly make versions of a scene and compare them
- How to work with sound and music and why they are so important
- How to make post processing decisions about color grading, titles and graphics
- How to export your finished piece for the best viewing experience

**Scroll down to see a documentary sample by the instructor, Paul Lebel.