Beverly Poole

Beverly Poole has been in Seattle theater for 16 years, and has taught theater for nearly as long. Though she has spent time dabbling in improv, podcasting work, and audio dramas, her true passion is theater that affects the audience like a story told on film never could.

Some of her greatest influences came out of time spent in The Drama Collective Pontlevoy with several master teachers in European theater arts traditions–including Lecoq mask and body work, Kantor technique, ensemble devising work, and puppetry. Other influences were the Viewpoints training she received at the University of Washington, and some of Seattle’s own site-specific theater (her favorite was a show on the Fremont Troll).

Beverly joined REBATEnsemble as an actor, and became the Associate Artistic Director two years later. With REBATE she directed, wrote, and devised plays with theater founder Tom Dang, including Icons: The Martin Show, The Tempest, and Rashumon Reloaded, and she began teaching workshops in ensemble acting and devising. 

Beverly has taught theater to all ages, and has a special fondness for teaching Shakespeare to high school students. Her other interests include history, watercolor painting, and fire spinning.