Theatrical Intimacy Best Practices

Theatrical Intimacy Best Practices

Sep 24 - Sep 24 (SUN 10PM - 4PM) | Course Cost: $70.00

About the Course

MCC 102
In Person
Age Requirement
All Levels
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Materials Required

No supplies needed. Please wear comfortable clothing. 

Total Hours


Whether it’s a handshake, an embrace, or a kiss, nearly every play has a moment of intimacy. And just like dancing or fighting on stage, there are tools that can be used to navigate those moments with respect and care. Come learn theatrical intimacy best practices used in theater to create safer spaces and more exciting stories.

This six-hour workshop with Seattle-based Intimacy Director Ian Bond will focus on the foundations of consent culture within a theatrical context. Participants will explore power and consent in theatrical settings, learn boundary establishing techniques, create choreography with partners, and practice advocating for themselves in collaborative work. Physical contact is not required and participants may engage during the workshop at their own level of comfort.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Establishing boundaries with a partner
  • Creating theatrically intimate material with consent
  • Identifying and solidifying personal closure practices