Mobile Phone Documentaries

Mobile Phone Documentaries

Sep 25 - Nov 15 (WED 6PM - 8PM) | Course Cost: $368.00

About the Course

In Person
Age Requirement
All Levels
Class Capacity
Materials Required

Students will need to download and become familiar with the Filmic filmmaking app (compatible with iPhone or Android). An acquaintance with Adobe Premier Pro or Final
Cut strongly recommended.

Total Hours


Got a great idea for a documentary film but feel intimidated by a daunting process? Most aspiring documentary filmmakers already have what is needed in their pocket. From the operation of third party camera apps, to interviewing techniques, to editing for great storytelling, students will exit the course with an acquaintance of all the skills you’ll need to be the master of their own documentary universe. At the end of the course, students will have a 1 minute film and a 5 minute film to add to a portfolio or personal use during this over this eight week course.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Maximizing your phone filming skills
  • Sound recording
  • Lighting for interviews
  • Film editing 
  • Strong storytelling experience