Pre-College (14-18)

Adult Programs

Pre-College (14-18)

Art Portfolio Development

Portfolio Development supports aspiring artists through the application process for an art or design undergraduate college. Students interested in applying for art and design undergraduate studies have work ready to submit, but need support choosing and photographing work suitable for a digital portfolio. These courses also help students to draft a letter of intent and statement of purpose, as well as participate in mock interviews.  Portfolio Development for Art and Design will be offered in fall 2023, winter and summer 2024.

Woman working on a painting
Film Portfolio Development

A film portfolio serves as a comprehensive showcase of a student's work, allowing them to present their talent and potential to college admissions officers, film schools, or industry professionals. Serious high-school students with existing video files interested in majoring in film will have the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from experienced mentors and Cornish admissions staff to create a digital portfolio suitable for college submissions.

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Adult Programs: Application for Teens

We welcome High School Juniors and Seniors ages 
16 -18 to take our adult programs.  Please fill this form out as part of the registration process when selecting an adult program for underage students.

female teenager drawing in a life drawing class
Theater Audition Prep

The 4-weekend course in preparing for college theater auditions offers guidance and support to aspiring theater students. Through intensive workshops, participants gain insights into the audition process, refine their monologues, and polish their vocal and acting techniques. Students should come with material that is ready for constructive feedback.  Participants emerge with heightened confidence and preparedness to showcase their talent and pursue their dreams in college theater programs.

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Makeup artist doing makeup on an actor
Music Audition Preparation

The 4-weekend course in preparing for music college auditions offers aspiring musicians an intensive program to apply to a program emphasizing jazz, popular music, composition, and multi-genre programs. Students will gain valuable insights into the specific requirements and expectations of programs such a Cornish’s program and other similar programs, enabling them to tailor their performances accordingly. With personalized feedback and guidance, students refine their musicality, stage presence, and audition strategies, ultimately maximizing their potential for acceptance into the program of their choice.

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Application for Financial Assistance


Apply Now

Cornish is committed to making our courses available for anyone who demonstrates financial need and interest through discounts and financial assistance.  Seniors 55+ receive a 15% discount with proof of age. Students of any age or military may request financial assistance.  For senior, military, or student financial aid, please fill out the form prior to registration.