Game Art

Game Art

Jul 9 - Jul 30 (TUES & THUR 1PM - 4PM) | Course Cost: $730.00

About the Course

MCC 405
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This studio course introduces teens to the expressive capabilities of digital games and the significance of game art in generating meaning and aesthetic experiences in gameplay. Teens will learn how to think and talk about games as both designed media objects and artworks in order to create game art that facilitates meaning, feeling, and perception in gameplay. Through analysis of game examples, designing game art concepts for fictional projects, and making functional art for a small game in collaboration with peers, students will learn how to engage critically and creatively with the process of game-making. Teens will make art for a "game mod," modifying a self-selected commercial game, and contribute original art to a small game project created for the class. 

While this intensive may be taken independently, it is an elective that is designed to work in conjunction with our Art & Design Foundations program. Please see that description or email if you have any questions.