Street Dance Forms

Street Dance Forms

Jul 8 - Jul 31 (MON, WED 1PM - 4PM) | Course Cost: $730.00

About the Course

Kerry Hall
Age Requirement
14 -18
Class Capacity

Street dance is an umbrella term for many forms of movement that root from hip hop culture. Hip Hop culture includes forms such as Graffiti Art, DJ-ing, MC-ing and Breaking.  In this course, students will learn about how these mediums emerged and in what ways they relate to one another, while focusing on hip-hop, house, breaking and other urban based movement. Students will learn skills in musicality, applied rhythm, isolations, footwork, grooves, choreography, weight shifts and street aesthetic all while harnessing an understanding of the culture and its evolution at large.  

This intensive is open to students of all dance backgrounds. The class offers an immersive opportunity to refine your skills and explore within urban dance culture for movers of all skill levels.  

While this intensive may be taken independently, it is an elective that is designed to work in conjunction with our Dance Intensive program. Please see that description or email if you have any questions.