Recording Ensemble

Recording Ensemble

Jul 8 - Jul 31 (MON & WED 1PM - 4PM) | Course Cost: $730.00

About the Course

MCC Raisebeck
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This elective focuses on live, improvisational music that allows the student to learn music communication between band members. Like throwing paint on a canvas, students will learn how to combine a simple melody or bass line into a foundation for a track they can record. Students will perform on their own instruments, or try new instruments on stage. 

By listening to their own creation in an ensemble, students will critique their ensemble work and make real-time edits to form them into a track. Students will work with the instructor on digital audio recording and learn why and when to use music production tools to create the sound they are looking for. 

Students should expect to leave with a 4 to 5 song EP that they all worked on throughout their time in the ensemble. No recording or audio engineering experience is necessary. 

Previous Recording Ensemble Samples

While this intensive may be taken independently, it is an elective that is designed to work in conjunction with our Musicianship Foundations program. Please see that description or email if you have any questions.