Life Drawing

Life Drawing

Jul 9 - Aug 1 (TUES & THUR 1PM - 4PM) | Course Cost: $730.00

About the Course

MCC 502/504
Age Requirement
Class Capacity

Life drawing (drawing from live models) is a core skill for any budding visual artist.. Teens will develop perceptual and conceptual skills through exercises, critiques, lectures, and strong drawing practice. While working with a live model throughout the intensive, teens will gain the skills of translating what is observed through the techniques of drawing. 

Additionally, teens will become familiar with contemporary and traditional art history as it relates to the figure. Specific instruction will include construction of the figure/body, figurative proportion systems including the head and face, and a volumetric understanding of the planes of the body through line and light. Teens explore various black and white media, develop visual awareness, and enrich their capacity for observation and self-expression.

While this intensive may be taken independently, it is an elective that is designed to work in conjunction with our Art and Design Pre-College Foundations program. Please see that description or email if you have any questions.