Polymer Clay Sculpting

Polymer Clay Sculpting

Jan 18 - Feb 29 (THUR 6PM - 8:30PM) | Course Cost: $525.00

About the Course

MCC FabLab
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This Polymer Clay Sculpting course provides an opportunity to develop your skills in crafting lifelike human figures, rooted in an understanding of anatomy and posture. Throughout the course, each student will create a minimum of two figure sculptures, standing between 8 to 15 inches in height, using polymer clay, which will be baked at the conclusion of the class.

Students will learn how to build the foundational structure of a human head, and sculpting facial features such as eyes, noses, and lips. This hands-on experience will be conducted at the Cornish Fabrication Studio and will be guided by Kyung-jin Kim, an interdisciplinary artist, art instructor, and fabrication studio technician at Cornish College of the Arts.