Hand-Lettering & Sign Design

Hand-Lettering & Sign Design

Sep 27 - Nov 15 (WED 6:30PM - 8:30PM) | Course Cost: $512.00

About the Course

MCC 504
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Create captivating hand-drawn and painted signs that stand out in a world of digital noise. Kevin Drake, owner of Drake Designs, teaches a “hands-only” approach for anyone interested in learning more about traditional sign making.  Topics covered include layouts, letterforms, and materials and all of the basic fundamentals for sign painting, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to bring letters and designs to life with your own hands. Unleash your artistic expression, embrace the charm of this timeless craft.

"Kevin is The Best. He is energetic, skilled, and is a great teacher. He adjusted his approach for each of us in class seamlessly and graciously. He made the difficult, fun. I began every class with that early evening 'I am so ready to do nothing on the couch' feeling, and by end of class could not believe that two hours had passed so quickly."