Creative Metalworking

Creative Metalworking

Sep 26 - Oct 17 (TUE 6PM - 9PM) | Course Cost: $384.00

About the Course

MCC Fab Lab
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Along with demonstrations, students will receive individual instruction to help them develop their own creative voice. The course will cover the basic building blocks of what makes a work successful alongside the fundamentals of metalworking.  

Through multiple diverse demonstrations, students will be guided through making a small sculpture using steel sheet and or bar stock. Students will learn to develop compositions using repeated elements and connections as a feature in their designs. 

Students will learn to cut, drill and weld steel safely and with confidence, as well as finish their creation with various hand tools and patinas. 

Processes we will cover: MIG welding, oxyacetylene, and plasma cutting. This class is for all levels and talents.